• March 12Girls Track and Field earn 145.5 points at Jerry Arnold Invitational
  • March 12JV Girls Lacrosse beats Duluth and Parkview in tournament
  • March 12Boys Track and Field finish third out of 26 at the Jerry Arnold Invitational

The Sentinel

Controversy in the Confederacy: Did Black Confederates actually exist?

Kwoineh Haba, Staff Writer

January 28, 2020

America is built on many values that contribute to its diversity: freedom, equality, and unity. Of course, the United States has not always been unified throughout its history. One example of such disunity would be the American Civil War. Unable to come to an agreement over the concept of slavery, the country divided itself into...

Anxiety: check yourself before you wreck yourself

Batul Chitalwala, Chief Editor

September 16, 2019

Individuals with anxiety, a habit of overthinking, or a need for perfection often struggle with mental overload. Mental overload is when you feel like you have too many tasks to accomplish, and you keep thinking and worrying about them until you’re left feeling panicked, stressed, exhausted, and/or downcast. It can affect ...

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