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The Sentinel

CBD oils

David Balemala

November 5, 2019

Cannabidol, also known as CBD, is a component extracted from the cannabis leaf, however it’s separate from tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. Oil is produced from CBD and is often infused into lotions for pain relief. However, these methods of pain relief have caused a lot of controversy.  Some physicians are on board, too. Dr. Charl...

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world

Shelby Bell

November 5, 2019

Advances of artificial intelligence are being made more rapidly and more frequently. Scientists have been working on and discovering new human-mimicking computer functions since the 1950’s and in due time, advanced technology will probably be able to do most human functions. While limiting the work humans have to do in their...

Controversy in the Confederacy: Did black Confederates actually exist?

Kwoineh Haba

November 5, 2019

America is built on many values that contribute to its diversity: freedom, equality, and unity. Of course, the United States has not always been unified throughout its history. One example of such disunity would be the American Civil War. Unable to come to an agreement over the concept of slavery, the country divided itself into...

New iPhone revealed

Mariana Gomez, Junior Editor

September 18, 2019

On September 20th, Apple kicked off the long-anticipated 13th generation of the iPhone, beginning with the iPhone 11 .The iPhone 11 is basically a direct upgrade of 2018’s iPhone Xr, in keeping with other “S” models in the company’s history. The iPhone XS Max is similar to the “Plus” versions of previous iPhones, w...

Anxiety: check yourself before you wreck yourself

Batul Chitalwala, Chief Editor

September 16, 2019

Individuals with anxiety, a habit of overthinking, or a need for perfection often struggle with mental overload. Mental overload is when you feel like you have too many tasks to accomplish, and you keep thinking and worrying about them until you’re left feeling panicked, stressed, exhausted, and/or downcast. It can affect ...

Brain scans and mental illness

Batul Chitalwala, Chief Editor

August 26, 2019

For a long time, detecting mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, or even migraines could have only been done by a professional looking at symptoms and behavior. There were no laboratory tests to diagnose such brain problems. A new study shows that a brain scan called functional connectivity MRI, also known as...

Risks and rewards of foreign surgeries

Ben Ortega, Editor

August 15, 2019

Medical tourism, a relatively new trend that has had a massive effect on the medical community and the lives of patients, is becoming ever more popular. Each year for the past decade, about 15 million Americans have sought out cheaper surgical treatments by looking to foreign countries for what they expect will be inexpen...

The dangers of vapes, Juuls, and all the rest

Ben Ortega, Editor

April 23, 2019

Juuls, Suorins, E-Cigarettes, and many other vaping devices are very popular today in America. Initially created as a nicotine alternative to cigarettes, which have been proven to be extremely harmful to the human body, they have now become more of a recreational and leisure pastime. Instead of utilizing vaping mechan...

CRISPR-Cas9; the future of medicine

Ben Ortega, Editor

April 19, 2019

It seems like every day, scientists are discovering new things and coming up with new technologies to propel the human race into the future. Relatively recently, a genome-editing tool called CRISPR-Cas9 was discovered, adapted, and adopted into the scientific world. There are many gene editing techniques readily available...

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