New iPhone revealed

Mariana Gomez, Junior Editor

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On September 20th, Apple kicked off the long-anticipated 13th generation of the iPhone, beginning with the iPhone 11 .The iPhone 11 is basically a direct upgrade of 2018’s iPhone Xr, in keeping with other “S” models in the company’s history. The iPhone XS Max is similar to the “Plus” versions of previous iPhones, which are almost identical to their standard-issue counterparts but feature a larger display.

The most noticeable difference between the iPhone 11 and the Xr is the addition of new  colors like gold,midnight green, silver, space gray,yellow,red and purple. There are already existing gold and space gray, yellows, and reds. Similar to the gold iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the new colors are a mix of the brighter gold and green used in previous generations. Internal differences include the new A13 bionic 7 chip and an improved camera. Like the iPhone X, iPhone Xr and XS Max has no home button, and users instead swipe up to return to the main screen from an app. Also returning from the X are Face ID and the vertical cameras on the back. The iphone 11 has multiple cameras from the other generations of iphones. 

The previous iPhones, there prices have lowered by a lot, but it keeps the same storage amount like the others. Starting at 1,199 with a storage of 273GB.  For customers hesitant to spend a thousand dollars or more on a cell phone, the iPhone XR was released on October 26 as a less expensive alternative to the iPhone XS, starting at $749. Like 2013’s iPhone 5C, it offers a wide variety of flashy colors, as opposed to the standard space gray, silver, and gold. The iPhone XR can be purchased in white, black, blue, yellow, coral, or (PRODUCT)RED. But now that the new one has come out the prices have lowered to a more fair amount. Aside from the color scheme, the main differences between the iPhone XS and XR are the screen and camera. The XR features an LCD display, like that of the iPhone 8 and previous editions, while the iPhone XS has the OLED display present in the X. The iphone 11 has a more advanced cameras since there are multiple. It is also waterproof, but that has been going on since the iphone 7. It is in times like these were people ask if the money is worth it or not.