New changes to the Brookwood campus

A stronger sense of sense of security

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Security Access: Open during class change or with a badge or acknowledgment at alternate times.

Brookwood High School is set to undergo some drastic changes in the next few months as everyone prepares for the demolition of much of both A and B halls in order to build a completely new building. During the construction, dozens of classrooms and teachers on that side of the building will be displaced into trailers. As of February 19, that section of Brookwood was totally vacant to make way for the construction.
The formal announcement of the renovations came in the form of a letter to parents and students in Fall 2018, explaining the ongoing changes of Brookwood, both physical and idealistic, ”Since 1981, our school campus has grown and changed in order to better serve our students and our community. Changes in how and what we teach students make it time to grow again. This includes but is not limited to our increasing focus on learning opportunities in Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Fine Arts, Robotics, Aquaponics and Technology.”

Principal Ford went on to explain how a special sales tax that was renewed in 2015 (Educational Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax AKA ESPLOST) is going towards adding amazing new innovative classrooms to Brookwood. Many people, especially people in K-12, don’t even know about this extremely beneficial tax and its implementations, but it does and will continue to greatly affect that same group.

The ESPLOST is simple; after a 2015 referendum, a penny was added to the sales tax in this district. These pennies then go towards improving schools through updated new additions (four are projected to be built through because of this approval) which will include HVAC systems, new classrooms (especially those that are STEM related), and more.

Meanwhile, the maintenance issues that plagued E hall recently have somewhat improved. As was addressed in our last issue, the ceiling in E hall had been deteriorating over the recent months. Numerous trash cans lined the hallway to catch water leaking through the roof, and several ceiling tiles had even fallen into classrooms. Also, some of the excess water from the leakage caused mold to grow in classrooms. However, our custodial staff worked diligently to fix the problems and the conditions of the building are on the mend.

This new addition also comes at the same time as the new Visitor Management System at Brookwood. Previously, all of the many doors to the school were unlocked all day, but now they are programmed to be locked for most of the day in an attempt to prevent unauthorized people from coming into the school. The doors are set to unlock before school, after school, and during class change until a minute after the tardy bell, in order to allow for the use of outside routes around campus. All school faculty has been given a key card that will grant them access at certain doors around the school. However, some doors are not equipped with the new system, which will make them locked from the outside at all times. If someone were to be locked outside and need to get in, they would need to buzz in at one of four doors around the school, in either the Gold Gym Lobby, the Maroon Gym Lobby, A hall, or F hall.

The Visitor Management System is currently in full swing, having begun on January 9. The new addition is slated to be ready in fall 2020, so our current freshman and sophomores will still be around to use the new facility.