This year’s Miss Brookwood pageant is a hit

Lekshmi Kumar, Writer

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Hair? Check! Makeup? Check! Thinking caps on? Check! Well Brookwood, it’s that time of year again where the boldest and brightest women of Brookwood High School come together for the annual PTSA’s Miss Brookwood pageant show, and it looked as though this one may have been the biggest yet! Ladies from 9th to 12th grade competed against each other on Saturday, January 26th to demonstrate their expertise on public speaking, interview skills, and performance abilities to win a scholarship to further their education while having a great time as well. “The girls are so amazing, and we want other girls to know it’s not an actual ‘pageant’. We want the girls to have fun, make new friends, learn interview skills, and just have a great time,” said pageant co-director Lori Oldknow.

Before the main spectacle, the contestants were required to attend an interview that let the judges learn a little bit more about the girls before they hit the stage. The interview process is actually done a few weeks before the pageant, and it is 40 percent of the contestant’s score. After the interview, the girls start to get ready for the actual Miss Brookwood show which consists of a question-answer section and an evening wear section.

The pageant began Saturday evening at 6 o’clock, but if you arrived earlier you would have been fortunate enough to hear the local band School of Rock perform a wide variety of songs including, Sweet Home Alabama. The pageant began on a fun note with a dance number choreographed by the amazing Mrs. Ellen McCollister that showcased all the contestants

The night continued with the question-answer round where each of the girls came up to the stage one by one and picked a question from a bowl in which they had to answer. The contestants were asked questions ranging from “Which teacher has inspired you the most?” to “Do you think parents should monitor their kid’s social media accounts?”  ,and they were required to answer on the spot. Kylie Zimmerman, who was awarded Miss Junior said, “One big thing that I gained from doing Miss Brookwood is forcing myself to speak publicly in front of many people on stage. I didn’t think I would ever be capable of doing something that crazy!”

After the on-stage questions, the pageant took a brief intermission where the School of Rock once again performed their amazing tunes that kept the audience on their feet. The show proceeded with the evening wear competition where the contestants were escorted by senior boys while wearing their evening gown of choice. The girls strode across the stage while the host of the evening, Coach Roger Parham, read some of the facts and accomplishments about each of the contestants. Bless Vincent, one of the escorts said, “I wanted to be an escort because it seemed really fun! I had done Mr.Brookwood, and I really enjoyed it, so I decided to try Miss Brookwood too. It was definitely worth it!”

Before the final winners were announced the audience got a little treat from the senior boy escorts which consisted of them enthusiastically dancing to various songs such as September ,That’s the Way( I Like It), and Last Dance while wearing sparkly disco attire. Their vibrant dance had the audience laughing and jumping in their seats, as the judges deliberated about the results for the night.

As the colorful event neared its end, it was time to announce the winners of that evening.  First, awards such as Miss Congeniality, photogenic, and others were given out. Nina Tovey won the Miss Congeniality Award for the third time, Miss Photogenic was awarded to freshman, Maddie Matthews, and The Spirit of the Pageant Award was handed to senior, Rebecca Cook.

However, the beautiful and talented Madison Wilson stole the show as she was crowned Miss Brookwood 2018-2019 by former Miss Brookwood, Caroline Mckeon. The newly crowned queen said, “Being crowned Miss Brookwood is such an honor! Each and every girl who competed was so deserving ,and I am so thankful I got to know them through this experience. The pageant directors are so amazing in that they create a space for girls to truly feel confident in themselves! Miss Brookwood has been my best high school memory, and I am so blessed that I got to participate in it in the last four years!”

For years now, pageants have been considered an event that demeans women, but the Miss Brookwood Pageant helps to instill these beautiful and equally smart girls with confidence while giving them an opportunity to shine.