The Best Boba on the Block


Chloe Bryant, Writer

Boba tea is the sweet nectar of life itself. But which boba tea is the best?

Boba tea, also known as bubble tea, is an Asian exotic and fruity tea mixed with non-dairy cream and tapioca balls. Many local restaurants offer this beverage and it is very popular among America’s youth. However, which Boba tea is the best?, a local Vietnamese sit-down restaurant sells a massive variety of teas and gives options of every fruity flavor imaginable. They offer two sizes with a good amount of tea for only three or four dollars. Though it often takes them longer to make the tea, their teas are consistently good and well balanced. In addition, the packaging is good looking and quite sturdy.

The highly popular Kung Fu Tea is essentially the Starbucks of the boba world. But, is it worth the hype? I would honestly say no. Although the tea is relatively cheap, the packaging is much smaller with respect to other shops and they charge extra for every topping you add, including boba balls. Not to mention the only options are pre-made flavor combinations, allowing for no personalization. However, the tea place allows you to specify the amount of sugar and ice you want and the wait time for the tea is short. The tapioca was a nice consistency and the cream easily complimented the fruity flavors. Although it tasted somewhat machine made, the teas were objectively good.

The next tea shop I went to was Sweet Hut. One thing that sets this shop apart is the fact that you may add any two toppings to any drink without extra cost. Even better, is the fact that tea comes out quickly and is in gorgeous packaging. Sweet Hut’s most promising quality is the specialization of flavors and sweetness, giving it the most variety. The only downside, however, is that the boba balls always come out extremely gooey. In all though, Sweet Hut has few weaknesses and consistently delivers delicious teas.

The next shop I stopped at was Jazen Tea, a more culturally authentic restaurant and boba combination. Although the tea was a bit pricier at five dollars for the smallest size, the tea’s actual serving was double that of Kung Fu Tea with at least three times more tapioca. The drink I ordered was “Lychee Explosion” and boy, was the flavor explosive! By far Jazen had the most genuine tasting flavors and, though it offered little personalization, the flavor combinations offered were all genuine, oriental, and stayed true to the nature of boba tea.

My last stop of the day was the renown Boba Mocha shop which offered a much more unique boba experience than any I had experienced. The tea shop offers a large variety of flavors and sugar levels, but its most interesting quality is the fact that you can mix any two flavors and toppings as you desire. The actual flavor of the Boba was much more potent than any other tea place around and, although the atmosphere was westernized, the tea itself had a genuine flavor. In addition,

An example of milked based bubble tea featuring tapioca balls as a topping on the top of the creamy drink (Photo via

Boba Mocha, although the tea did taste rather processed, was one of the fastest boba places.