Miss Brookwood 2020: Hair, Nails, Moves, & Beauty

Sanatra McCray, Staff Writer

On January 25th, 2020, 56 young women took the stage in the theater for the Miss Brookwood Pageant. The event has been held every year since 2009, and this tradition has carried on since then.

All of the contestants wore stunning dresses as they lit up the stage on Saturday evening. The night started with a short PTA meeting and after that the pageant began. 56 girls danced up and down the aisles and on the stage as they grooved to the music with a very coordinated dance.

Mary Garcia-Blake said she enjoyed learning the “Cheesy dances”. She’s also the winner of the Spirit of the Pageant award and has been participating since her freshman year.

Senior and Miss Brookwood Emma Hopkins said the thing she took away from the pageant is her “getting to meet lots of people”. Another way in which the pageant and Brookwood has helped her she said it has helped her gain confidence..

Many of the contestants said they enjoyed meeting different kinds of people when participating in the pageant. Sophomore Gabby Del-Mazo said “I wanted to try something new and girly”. Even though she didn’t win, she said she’ll try it again due to her enjoying people and the many bonds and the sisterhood created among the contestants.

The freshmen enjoyed the experience they had during the pageant as well. Freshman Naomi Martinez said she “loved the way she created a bond among other contestants and also loved meeting new girls”. 

The bonds created among the contestants is unforgettable as you see them cheer winners on stage. During that moment you could see the grace and the positive energy the young women radiated on the stage.rom the grace to the beauty and the dance moves shared on stage and down the aisles . Even if many of them didn’t win, they won the crowds’ hearts on the night of January 25th.

The girls of Brookwood came from all parts of the student body of 3,502 students total. 56 girls signed up for the Miss.Brookwood Pageant. Only 23 of the students got an award with one lucky contestant out of all of them to get the Miss Brookwood Award. Emma Hopkins happened to be the winner of that award and she graciously accepted the award.

As they get ready for next year, there may be someone who doesn’t feel as open, and next year will be their time to shine and earn the title of Miss Brookwood . 

Some of the contestants are graduating this year and will say goodbye to Miss Brookwood forever, and the only thing that will last is a picture or the crown they received or most importantly, the bond created during the pageant.

Mallard, Michael
(Left to right) Miss Sophomore Jessica Martin, Miss Junior Abby Hilliard, Miss Brookwood Emma Hopkins, & Miss Freshman Hayden Graves pose for a picture after they earn their titles. (Photo via Instagram)