Class of 2020 Senior Superlatives

Batul Chitalwala, Editor in Chief

Congratulations to all of our 2020 Senior Superlatives! They are as follows:

Most School Spirit: Nicky Hopf and Lizzie Mullor

Best Dressed: Lauren Swoopes and Peedy Chavis

Most Athletic: Eli Kohl and Morgan Bentley

Friendliest: Lydia Melka and Bryan Cardona

Most Attractive: Angel Nivar and Hattie Walsh

Class Clown: Townshend White and Danielle LaPlume

Cutest Couple: Rhea Grose and Harbin Ji

Best BFFs: Nyla Boddie and Chloe Price

Best Transformation: Abbas Shah and Macey Page

Most Woke: Miguel Andia and Mya Swaby

Most Creative: Myles Bonn and Mya Bailey

Biggest Tree Hugger: Josef Franco and Lily Smith

Most Likely to Change the World: Amen Gashaw and Tarel Dennie

Biggest Brainiac: Jackee Gwynn and Jay Patel